Savings Accounts

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A solid savings plan can put you on the path to a brighter future.

It's normal to daydream about what you might do someday if you had some extra cash. But an even better idea is to try to turn those dreams into reality by opening an MECU Credit Union savings account and taking advantage of our many money-growing opportunities.

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Your regular deposits plus our interest rate payments can help you get closer to your financial goals.


Boost your interest rate by linking your savings account to a CashBack Checking or RewardChecking account.

Holiday Savings Account

Deposit money during the spring, summer and fall to make your December even brighter.

Save Automatically

Grow your money with minimal effort by using direct deposit and automatic electronic transfers.

Banking with MECU Credit Union in Maryland means belonging to a local financial institution that invests in the Baltimore community and offers competitive rates on saving accounts.

My mother opened savings accounts at MECU for my siblings and me when we were younger. At 18, I ventured out to my own bank with large fees. I came back to MECU and opened a checking account. No large fees and FREE savings. Now I own a home, car, and business.

Nikea T.