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Your Debt is Manageable

MECU wants to make it easy to get the cash you need to pay off high-interest debt like credit cards and personal loans. Consolidating your bills with MECU could lower your monthly payments, save you money on interest and pay down your debt faster!
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Personal Loan

Get the cash you need (up to $30,000**) at a rate you’ll love and pay No Fees.

Home Equity Loan

Tap your home’s equity for a lump sum of cash to pay off high-interest debt. No Fees and $0 closing costs.

Credit Card

Transfer balances to your new MECU Credit Card and save! Enjoy a 1.99% APR* for 12 months, $0 balance transfer fee and no annual fee.

Which Loan Is Right For You?

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How Much Could You Save?

Consolidating your bills with MECU could reduce your monthly payments, save you hundreds in interest and knock years off your repayment.

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Common Questions

By rolling multiple debts into one, you may be able to reduce your monthly payments, pay less in interest and pay off your debt faster.
It really depends on your goals and financial situation. The following should provide some guidance:

A Personal Loan is perfect for non-home owners and home owners without sufficient equity who are looking for a fixed rate and fixed repayment term. Personal Loans are typically easier and quicker to get than a Home Equity Loan; however, the rate can be higher and the repayment terms can be shorter. With a MECU Personal Loan, there’s no application fee or annual fees. You’ll get a lump sum deposited into your MECU account that you can use to pay off your high-interest bills.  And, you can choose your repayment terms, so you’ll know the exact date you’ll be debt-free.

A Home Equity Loan can be a great choice for home owners with sufficient equity.  It’s a secured loan, where you borrow against your home’s equity. Because this is a secured loan, the rate is typically lower than Personal Loans and Credit Cards; however, the process takes a bit longer than getting a Personal Loan or Credit Card. With a MECU Home Equity Loan, there’s no application fee, loan origination fees, and no closing costs.

A Credit Card Balance Transfer is another option that can help you consolidate credit card debt. If you’re getting a new card, make sure the introductory rate and post-introductory rate are lower than the rate(s) on your current credit card(s). Also check the balance transfer fee. While balance transfers with a MECU credit card are free, many lenders charge a fee that ranges from 1% - 5% on the amount you want to transfer. So, a 3% balance transfer fee on a $5,000 balance transfer would end up costing you $150. MECU credit cards come with a low 12-month introductory rate and a low post-introductory rate, no balance transfer fee, no annual fee, no penalty rate, and other perks. Click here to learn more.

For help, please call 800-373-2914.

With a Personal and Home Equity Loan, you can consolidate most any debt from high-interest credit and store cards to medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, and more..

With a Credit Card Balance Transfer, MECU will pay off the balances due on your credit cards and transfer the balance to your MECU Credit Card.

With our Personal Loans and Home Equity Loans, we pay you a lump sum of cash that you use to pay off your bills. You would send payments to pay-off the loan balances owed to each creditor.
When you request a Credit Card balance transfer, we will pay off the balance due on your other credit cards and transfer the balance to your MECU Credit Card.
If you are not currently a MECU cardholder, you can start the balance transfer process by applying for a new MECU Visa Credit Card.

If you are an existing MECU cardholder, you can complete a balance transfer request by:
  • Call Cardholder Services, 866-820-3867
  • Logging into MECU Online Banking and selecting the Visa Credit Card link located in your loan accounts section.
  • Complete our Balance Consolidation Form and returning it to your local MECU branch.
Yes. As a MECU member you have no-cost access to financial counseling experts who can help you with: 
  • Debt Counseling: You’ll get free consumer credit counseling and debt counseling without a sales pitch. Certified experts will help you explore all your options and provide a personalized action plan.
  •  Debt Management Plans: If you want to eliminate credit card debt, a debt management plan may stop collection calls, lower interest rates, and save you lots of money.
  • Credit Report Reviews: Learn how to interpret your credit report and to manage your credit score.
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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Certain conditions apply.  Ask for more details
** The minimum loan amount may be higher and the maximum loan amount may be lower than stated above depending on the loan type and your credit score, income, debit-to-income and total unsecured debt with MECU. Other terms and conditions may apply. Subject to credit approval and membership eligibility.

1  “Your High-Interest Debt” Example:  includes one major credit card, two store cards and a personal line of credit. Major credit card - $5,000 balance at 18.00% APR and a minimum monthly payment of $200.  Store card #1 - $3,000 balance at 21.00% APR and a minimum monthly payment of $120. Store card #2 - $3,500 balance at 22.00% APR with a minimum monthly payment of $140. Personal line of credit - $8,500 balance at 9.40% APR with a minimum monthly payment of $340.

2  “MECU Personal Loan” Example:  based on a $20,000 loan amount at 12.24% APR with a 60-month repayment term and a $446.91 monthly payment.

3  “MECU Home Equity Loan” Example:  based on a $20,000 loan amount at 4.49% APR (maximum loan-to-value ratio of 80%) with a 60-month repayment term and a $372.86 monthly payment.