Residential Investment Property Loans

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Going into the rental business? Landlords should like our low rates.

For your next business venture, you might just want to move into housing. The fact is, Baltimore abounds with potentially profitable residential rental properties. If you're looking to generate income from real estate, MECU offers low-cost loans to purchase or renovate buildings with one to four units.
Get pre-approved before you shop for properties
Lower mortgage rates mean higher returns
Choose from fixed-rate and adjustable-rate options

You lay the groundwork. We'll help you work out the rest.

There's lots to consider before you invest in a residential building. Do you want rental houses, condos or apartments? Is this a short- or long-term investment? Are you ready to do all the work required of a landlord? Once you've done the research, let MECU help you find a loan that fits your financing needs.
  • Funds for building purchases, refinancing or renovation
  • Low closing costs
  • Potential tax deductions on mortgage interest (Consult your tax advisor)
  • If you're interested in financing the purchase of property that's mixed-use, commercial or more than four units, we also offer commercial property financing
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