MECU's Routing number: 252076468

Baltimore's Credit Union

Branches and Hours

Convenient banking options make it easy to manage your money from anywhere.

There are many ways and places to bank with MECU. Refer to the listings below for more information.


MECU has nine full-service branches in the Baltimore area. Visit our List of Offices to see our hours of operation and to find a branch near you.


In addition to our own branch and off-site ATMs, MECU offers unlimited surcharge free access to thousands of ATMs nationwide including ATMs in the M&T Bank, and CO-OP networks. Visit our Branch Map to find an ATM location close to you.

VIDEO: Learn more about "Shared Branching?"


MECU is part of a national network of shared branches called Credit Union Family Service Centers. As a member of MECU, you have access to over 4,000 Shared Branch Credit Unions nationwide. As a member, you may access your accounts, free of charge, at a teller window to perform transactions such as:

  • Withdraw up to $750 in cash from savings and checking accounts
  • Deposit cash or checks into your savings and checking accounts
  • Transfer funds from one account to another in the shared branch database
  • Make loan payments
  • Get account balances
  • Obtain cash advance on Visa® and line of credit loans
  • Purchase money orders, Traveler's Checks and corporate "official" checks
  • Cash U.S. postal money orders, most payroll, business and government checks up to $750

Some policies, procedures and transaction capabilities may differ at each location. You must have your member number and a valid U.S. or state government-issued picture ID. Cash limits and holds may vary.

Use our branch locator to help you find a location near you or anywhere in the U.S. Plus there are international locations in Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Puerto Rico.