As a not-for-profit credit union, we give back to our members in many ways: better rates, lower fees and our special Member Bonus. For 37 straight years, MECU has paid a Member Bonus – giving cash back to you.

The MECU Member Bonus is a unique benefit of membership. It is your share of the credit union’s profits, comprised of your bonus dividend and loan interest refund. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for contributing to our success.


Thanks a Million (Dollars!)
In July 2017, we returned $1,000,000 to members as a cash bonus. That’s a million dollars back to our member-owners and the local Baltimore community – not outside stockholders. When we say that it pays to be a MECU member, we really mean it!

Maximize Your Potential Bonus
The more you use MECU for saving and borrowing, the more you can earn. Boost your future bonus by bringing all your accounts and loans to MECU. With our new LoanSaver tool, it’s easy to switch your loans to MECU and you could save thousands in interest. Calculate your potential savings today.
We’re here to help. Call 410-752-8313 or visit a local branch for assistance.

Share what you are going to do with your extra cash and you could double your bonus, up to $500*. Enter now!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who qualifies for the Member Bonus1?
All members are eligible to benefit from the MECU Member Bonus Program. This includes both our savers and borrowers!
When are Member Bonuses paid? 
Currently, bonuses are paid two times per year in July and December.
How do members receive their Member Bonus? 
Member Bonus is deposited in primary member’s share savings account and/or processed as a loan payment.
How will the Member Bonus appear on my statement/account?
The bonus will be posted as two separate deposits titled “Bonus Dividend” and “Loan Interest Refund.”
Will the Member Bonus be paid every year? 
The MECU Member Bonus is not guaranteed and is approved bi-annually by MECU’s Board of Directors. However, we are proud to report that the Member Bonus has now been paid for 37 years in a row!
When there is a joint signer on an account who receives the payout?
The primary account owner, or tax reported owner, will receive the total payout into their membership account for all of the accounts that they are the primary account owner.
Is the payout reportable for income tax purposes?
Yes. The bonus dividend payout is reportable on IRS Form 1099-INT for 2017 and will be reported with all other interest paid on your accounts.
How is the Member Bonus calculated?
For each applicable 6-month period, the bonus is calculated based on the interest you earned on your deposit balances and the interest paid on your loans.
For January 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017, the calculation was:

  • Bonus Dividend – 20.27% bonus dividend on total dividends and interest earned

  • Loan Interest Refund – 2.75% refund on loan interest paid


What accounts are not eligible for the payout?

  • Cashback Checking

  • VISA credit cards

  • FHA mortgages

  • Mortgages not serviced by MECU

1 MECU Member Bonus is discretionary and approved bi-annually by MECU’s Board of Directors. Member Bonus is not guaranteed, but has been paid for the past 37 years. Bonus amount may vary based on membership relationship level and number of qualifying products during the period. Member Bonus is deposited in primary member’s share savings account and/or processed as a loan payment. Not all members qualify and certain conditions apply. Member Bonus amounts are reported on IRS 1099 form as required by law. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Contact MECU or visit for more details.