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Auto-Build Certificate

Available as a Fixed or IRA CD, this option has a minimum deposit of $25. You can make unlimited deposits to this CD during its 1- or 2-year term. If you make enough contributions, your interest rate will raise automatically at $500.01 and again at $5,000.

 Certificate of Deposit* Fixed or IRA** (Auto-Build)

Rates as of:  
Account Type Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Minimum Initial Deposit
12 Months
$25 to $499.990.65%0.65%$25 †
$500 to $4,999.990.75%0.75%$25 †
$5,000 or more0.75%0.75%$25 †
24 Months
$25 to $499.990.90%0.90%$25 †
$500 to $4,999.991.10%1.10%$25 †
$5,000 or more1.10%1.10%$25 †

* Early withdrawal penalty may be imposed for withdrawal of principal before the maturity date.

** Excludes Roth IRA Minimum balance in order to earn interest.

See Truth in Savings for full disclosure.

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