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Shared Branch Network

As a member of MECU, you have access to over 4,000 Shared Branch Credit Unions nationwide. You may access your accounts, free of charge, at any Shared Branch teller window anywhere in the country and perform transactions just as if you were here at a MECU Branch location.*


Co-op Shared Branch NetworkAnywhere you see the swirl symbol displayed, you can conduct a range of transactions, such as:

  • Deposit cash or checks into your savings and checking accounts
  • Withdraw up to $750 in cash from savings and checking accounts
  • Get account balances
  • Make loan payments
  • Obtain cash advance on Visa® and line of credit loans
  • Transfer funds from one account to another in the shared branch database
  • Purchase Money Orders, Travelers Checks, and Corporate "Official" Checks**
  • Cash U.S. postal money orders, most payroll, business and government checks up to $750
  • And more!

To take advantage of this service, when you enter a shared branch you only need to bring:

  • Your home credit union's name
  • Your MECU Member number or other participating credit union account number
  • Valid government-issued photo identification, i.e., State Driver’s license, US Passport

*Some policies, procedures and transaction capabilities may differ at each location. You must have your member number and a valid U.S. or state government-issued picture ID is required for verification of signatures on checks or receipts. Cash limits and holds may vary.

**May not be available at all outlets and locations.

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